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Exost Jump Stunk Pack – A High Speed Friction Powered Stunt Car with No Battery required! Each set comes with 3-in-1 adjustable ramp that allows the stunt car to perform Flip, Bolt & Jump! And 3 different types of accessories: Barrels, Tires & Road-barriers for selection. Reusable Packaging and turn into a jumping ramp for additional fun! Now start building your stunt park and get ready to “Crash Them All”!! Key Selling Points: • A High-Speed Friction Powered Stunt Car • No Battery required • 3-in-1 Adjustable Ramp • 3 different types of Accessories • The New Urban design car body • Exclusive EXOST tires • Reusable Packaging • 3 styles to collect

3 Color(s) Available
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