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  • Power switch is not in "ON" position.
  • Batteries are not installed correctly.
  • Weak batteries
  • Hair, carpet or dirt might be trapped between wheels.
  • Switch on the power.
  • Check the battery polarity and connection.
  • Replace them with new ones.
  • Carefully remove the foreign materials.


  • High-frequency interference occurred near to high-voltage lines, transformers and some types of building.
  • Band selection is not correct.
  • Weak power of transmitter.
  • PAIR / SYNC Procedure is not yet completed or done.
  • Out of the control range of distance.
  • Enter into power save mode.
  • Enter into overheat protection mode.
  • Avoid these if possible, or choose another place to operate the vehicle.
  • Set to the correct band.
  • Change new battery in transmitter.
  • Turn the Power Switch button to 'ON' position both on the Vehicle and Transmitter, Red LED will then flash. Push both left and right throttle stick toward and release them.
  • Vehicle runs distance up to 50 feet outdoor.
  • Switch off the vehicle and turn on again.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes for it to cool down.

Cause :

  • The Hover Racer and/ or the transmitter is switched off ("OFF").
  • The battery of the vehicle is weak.
  • Set the power switch to "ON".
  • Recharge the battery of the vehicle.

  1. The air bag skirt might have chance to be detached from the toy.
  2. Align both marking on the bag skirt and toy. And then press the edge of skirt into slot with SKIRT INSERTION TOOL.

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